Marvelous Mr. Meaner

from by AbraKadabrA



This world is so dark the reason why I'm an outlaw, im thirsty for blood, im lusting out! Making sense of what is wrong

I'm out on my own taking what wasn't offered, just to balance the chest much faster, I realize, you cannot just sensor these lies

What is the combination??

If only I had a set of keys, I could be on my way to set the scene.

Where is the combination?

I saw them dial it in the other day, wait, just heard a noise. I think I've been set up

Run, just run, just run out the back.

The way this feels is so surreal

Fuck, I left my prints, no common sense, I'm leaving town

The way I did this unreal

This cold earth will never be the same with me out trying to take your claim, now shut your mouth it's wearing me out. You're wearing me out, it's time to say goodnight.

Freeze, you're being arrested for all the blasphemous crimes you role I always knew how you were going down and it had to be my own town

I just can't take this I need to escape this take me home take me home

This is the separation

Free from these walls that rubbed that shit right in my face. Glad that I escaped so I can really get paid and be the one who rewrites all these damn laws

Ride in-to the sunset

A bank heist is what I really need, blocking my path makes you tend to bleed

Rode in-to the sunset

This will be the last you hear from me, I'm back on my mother fucking feet.


from AbraKadabrA, released June 24, 2017
Recorded and Mastered by Micky Bullard of Iron Lion Media Group



all rights reserved


AbraKadabrA San Bernardino, California

We are AbraKadabra from San Bernardino, CA. Our story is a real perfect stranger type. The universe brought us together right now for the right reasons and we put it all into our music.
Our style is a Progressive Heavy Metal and Experimental. We love to mix it up with different genres and we feel like we are creating something new.

-Thanks, AbraKadabrA

"You didn't see us, Now you do!"
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