Rip Roarin' Rex

from by AbraKadabrA



Toiling with pine scented flush, Scatter brained cleaning up all the chunks
Yeah, I used a saw to chop them all, I wore their skins and danced it off

I gotta really take my time.
Mop up, you gotta really take your time
Wash up, you gotta really take your time

Lonely hearts they come home, to a murder scene, so serene. Fulfilled eyes wait outside, just to attest in your greif

These prehistoric dinosaurs are coming for me, they're bigger then I thought they were

The ground will quake right open and swallow me whole

Roll the dice, it's time this gamble see black and red.

Forget every thing you've said, just because this cistern is too deep

While you're tied, I contemplate which direction to go instead, you'll be the trophy I keep inside the shed
Just stop moving, you've been born for this purpose to build up my thrown

I will give up my time, right into my craft, I so love this
You will give up your life, so I can live mine ; my love!!!
How could these monsters hold me away?!
Please, see the world through my eyes, why do they interrupt my masterpiece?!?

Law inforcement layes
Behind me
Guns out bullets fly
Past me

Intensity in my eyes
builds up,
bloody guts in my mind
Creeps up

Piercing lead that burns my back
Coughing up blood from my darkened lungs

Staring heads that watch my last
Is this really it?
Have i really been caught? GOD!

No way im not ready for this dark
He's got me grasped in a tight knot
There may be no way out of this wrong
Im gonna die with all this loss

Muscle through all the pains
Crumbled from my evil ways
Sinking hole in a perlous rage
Breathing becomes rather strange
Creeps always fall deceased.
To early, never got to peak.
Never finished my masterpiece

Foiled in these rusted handcuffs, scatter brained trying to convince the judge, I didn't use a saw to chop them all and wear their skins to dance it off...

Deeper and deeper i fall
Without a cause
Lost in black rot
Mocked by my watch

Aware but in need of air
As despair creeps near
Beware the deathly fare
Stare at the fierce superior

Approach the ominous lord.
Reborn of sin, mourn to him
Reproach this luminous morgue
Be born again, consummate my bid

Death is near, death is here, im right here


from AbraKadabrA, released June 24, 2017
Recorded and Mastered by Micky Bullard of Iron Lion Media Group



all rights reserved


AbraKadabrA San Bernardino, California

We are AbraKadabra from San Bernardino, CA. Our story is a real perfect stranger type. The universe brought us together right now for the right reasons and we put it all into our music.
Our style is a Progressive Heavy Metal and Experimental. We love to mix it up with different genres and we feel like we are creating something new.

-Thanks, AbraKadabrA

"You didn't see us, Now you do!"
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